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1- Summary of the business idea, customer or market benefits and future prospects

The platform "Allfallaga.space" is an innovative financing method for non-profit projects. The embedding of Reaction generates money for Allfallagga.space through the traffic on the website. This money will then be used to benefit charitable initiatives.

New initiatives can apply for projects on our platform and we generate the financial capital for them through the advertisements.

If you follow the shared invitation link and register, the generated traffic will support the respective project. The more people share this project, the faster it will be realized.

As a social platform Allfallaga.Space wants to be filled with contributions, pictures and videos of the realization of the projects. This increases the transparency of these initiatives and allows for more traffic.

So share the link with x friends and realize your project!

2. business idea

What concrete problem or need does the project address?

How is the problem solved?

How can money be earned with the business idea?

What is the benefit for the customer?

We reserve the right to consider the project as a prototype demo version up to a number of 1.000.000 users. Revenues will be mainly used for the company development until then.

3. product or service

What is the unique selling point of the product or service?

Which development steps still need to be taken?

How high is the degree of innovation? How new is the product or service?

4. branch, market, competition

Who are the customers for the product or service?

Which market should be reached?

Who are possible partners?

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